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Wow – Still going!

DESPITE all the CRAP that has been thrown at us, we are still going strong!

Yes, we said crap in our opening statement.  Because that’s how it has felt, thus far, in 2020.  I’m sure you can agree to that as I’m sure most folks’ lives have been upheaved by the latest events – events that have dragged us through the mud, muck, and other CRAP, that has determined to hinder our action.

Well, guess what.  We’re still here.  While we don’t necessarily have full stock on certain items, like ammo or firearms, we can still do FFL transfers from wherever you’ve made your online purchases. If you’re wanting/needing more ammo, though, it’s a little bit of a waiting period – as most places, while they have stock, is first come first serve, and the big name stores that regularly make bulk purchases get priority.  While the little, determined guy (us) have to wait a little while before shipping even takes place.

BUT, that won’t stop us.  During this time frame, we’ve come up with a better way of doing things.  As this is a home based business, we’ve moved out of our inside office, and began construction in our garage to make it our new home – as sort of a new workshop and office – complete with new security features( as with the rest of the house, that is already in place).

And, in doing all this remodeling, reorganizing, and rethinking our workspace, we’ve come to the conclusion that customer safety should ALWAYS be our number one priority.  So, we’ve been wearing our masks and rubber gloves, disinfecting our (your) orders and merchandise and doing what is necessary to continue to serve your needs as best we can.

ALSO! In our endeavors to continue to grow, we’ve taken on a better way to process orders/credit cards and handle our accounting… That’s right, we went and got an actual merchant account with a reputable company.  We can continue to process credit/debit cards while keeping our prices steady – but, also grants us the ability to give cash discounts – among the other discounts we tend to give out from time to time.

Lastly, I’d like to remind you that we have more than just firearms and firearm services at your disposal, we still sell outdoor camping and survival gear.  Oh yes.  Yes, we do.  We have the ability to set you up to go camping for days, if not weeks!  So, if you’re tired of being cooped up and need to get out, you can now set up camp in your back yard…. since most of the public camp grounds may or may not be closed in your area.  Eh, forget I said that.  But, not the part where we sell the camping/survival gear.  You know.  Don’t judge.  We’re in quarantine.  We love you.  Shut up.  That is all. 😉

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