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We’re Getting Closer!

That’s right! We’re getting so much closer.  Our Certificate from the state has arrived – we are legal to conduct business in the state of Ohio – and our municipality has granted us our necessary permits to do business and we now have our Federal EIN!

We’re currently working on getting our Federal Firearms License (FFL), as well as getting set up with distributors for our tactical gear – which, we’re super excited about and can’t wait for our approval(s).  We’re going to be able to bring you nothing but quality merchandise from the top distributors and manufacturers of everything tactical and survival.

We are in process of setting up our social media presence, as we type this out.  We’re hoping that everything will go ahead smoothly.  We are also in process of working with our local law enforcement offices throughout the county as well as a local branch office of the ATF – fingers crossed that we can help support our men and women in law enforcement.

Stay tuned for our grand opening event!  We will eagerly keep you posted when things get even CLOSER!  We’re counting down the days and are SUPER excited.  We hope you are, too!

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