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That’s right! WE. ARE. BACK.

-A letter from our owner…

Dear customers,

I’m happy to say that we have a new credit card processor and we can now go back to taking orders online.

Admittedly, this whole situation put us in a very bad position.  But, we’re going to come out of it, and we’re going to keep on going.  We’re NOT letting this setback keep us down!

It is true.  PayPal is anti-freedom, anti-firearm, and therefore ANTI-AMERICAN!  From now on, I encourage every one of you to stop using PayPal for ANY means of payment or funds transfer of any kind.  That includes the use of Venmo, Xoom, Honey Science Corp (online coupons and discounts), iZettle, and Hyperwallet.  These companies are ALL anti-freedom, and must go.  Unless they wake up to what they are doing, they should NOT be considered for any kind of service.

#boycotPayPal #cancelPayPal #PayPalMeansAntiAmerican

But, we’re not taking their sh*t!  No. Not one bit.  They wanted to hold your funds for 180 days – that’s SIX (6) MONTHS! I immediately refunded ALL of your orders – as a token of good faith that I could NOT stand by and let them keep your money away from you.  I just won’t allow it.  Nor will I allow you to be taken advantage of.  It’s just not going to happen.

SO! In light of recent events, we found a VERY 2nd Amendment Friendly, VERY PRO Firearm, and VERY AMERICAN credit card processor that we are more than happy to do business with.  Not only can we go back to pre-selling our ammo – supplies and whatnot, but, we can also use this company to continue to sell on placed like

This company is endorsed by the NRA (recognized with NRA Business Alliance), and has partnered with Weapon Depot, Ammo Ready, GunBroker, Guns America and more!

Using a trusted backend gateway, we are now able to get back to what we enjoy.

From the bottom of our hearts….

Thank you for sticking with us.
Thank you for supporting us.
And most importantly, thank you for just being understanding during this whole process.

Now, let’s go buy some ammo.

Mark Bogner (owner/manager)
Ridge Tactical Supply, LLC
34599 West Point Drive
North Ridgeville, OH 44039

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