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Gun Enthusiasts

To Any and All Gun Enthusiasts:

Just a short line or two from one of your own. Mark Bogner of RTS is without a doubt the best FFL I have run into in all my collecting years. He has gone out of his way to accommodate me with FFL transfers, spent after hours going to pick up orders for me, and been available to facilitate transfers for me at any hour I needed.

His knowledge of firearms, complimented by his own passion for the hobby, are in my opinion unmatched in the industry. We have spent countless hours talking guns, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Also, having done some guns shows in conjunction with the guy, he is a pleasure to be around, and everyone he meets at shows enjoys his refreshing, friendly take on the hobby.

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who needs an FFL, wants to purchase a firearm or ammo, and needs any gunsmithing.

Above all these points, I also count Mark as a friend.

– Gary H.

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