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Second RUN!

It’s time, once again, to place our bulk ammo order with our manufacturer!

While, yes, the other order is in still process — that doesn’t mean we can’t keep going!  As we stated before, the more frequently we place orders, the shorter the lead times become.  This also allows us to stock our shelves – thus shortening the lead time even more.  Taking us from weeks – down to days.

AAAAND – we now have 300 Blackout SUBSONIC, 7.62 x39, and .45 Long Colt added to our ammo!

Having said that, right now, we’re still at a 6-8 week lead time.  So, when our run is finished (12/15/2020 @ 11:30PM EST), the bulk order goes in, and the wait begins, but, keep in mind that during that wait time, you’ll more than likely receive your first order – so there’s the plus!

So, we have 15 days to get the next run order in!  Those that said you wanted in, now’s your chance!  Let’s do this and make it as successful as this last one was!



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