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RTS Ammunition???

Oh, yes.  It’s happening.

All I can say, for right now, is stay tuned.  It’s happening.  We are proud to have found a manufacturer that is willing to work with us to create our very own brand of ammunition.  We will be crowdfunding our first bulk order – and by “our”, I mean yours and ours.  That’s right, many of you had said you’d be interested in going in on this bulk order of our ammunition, and this will be your opportunity.

Our first order will be, not only to start establishing our brand and finally be able to put ammunition in your hands at a competitive price, but FINALLY able to have it on hand when you need it most.

Stay tuned. More details are coming within the next few weeks – and look forward to a video.

Whether you want .380, 9mm or even .223 – it’s going to happen.  In fact, these are what we can get manufactured:

  • 380 100gr FCP RN (Full Copper Plated Round Nose)
  • 9mm 115gr FCP RN
  • 9mm 124gr FCP RN
  • 40 S&W 180gr FCP PFP (Plated flat point)
  • 10mm 180gr FCP PFP
  • 10mm 200gr Hard Cast Lead
  • 38 Special 158gr FCP PFP
  • 357 Mag 158gr FCP PFP
  • 357 Sig 125gr FCP RN
  • 45 ACP 230gr FCP RN
  • 44 Mag 240gr FCP PFP
  • 44 Mag 260gr Hard Cast Lead
  • 45 Colt 250gr FCP PFP
  • 45 Colt 250gr Lead
  • 45-70 405gr Lead
  • 45-70 300gr Barnes TSX-FN
  • .223 55gr FMJ
  • 300 AAC 147gr FMJ
  • 300 AAC 220gr TMJ Subsonic
  • 308 Win 147gr FMJ
  • 6.5 CM 140gr ELD-Match
  • 7.62×39 123gr Hornady SST
  • 30-06 M1 Garand 147gr FMJ
  • 30-06 185gr Berger VLD

Yeah, here’s a quick mock up of what we are potentially looking at –

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