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RTS Ammunition! It’s Ready!

Since the beginning of 2020, the world went into panic mode. Then, into preparedness mode. Those who were not prepared – suddenly had to get prepared. Everything from bread and toilet paper to Lysol and bleach. Then, the next phase of preparedness was the idea that you now had to protect your investments.

Those who didn’t have firearms started buying them. Those that had firearms bought up ammunition – driving the price up because the demand was so high.  Then, when others found that the prices were going up, they jumped on the bandwagon and began buying up what they could; the leftovers, so-to-speak.

All the big box retailers started selling out, resulting in online sales skyrocketing – causing those resources to go dry and backorder. Any other locations began to sell out – or started limiting purchasable items to one or two per customer, and not satisfying ANYONE’s needs.

For months, we began buying retail and losing money, just to help customers who actually needed ammunition – get it. Finally, it clicked. We need to contact the manufacturers to see if we can get in on bulk orders.

We reached out to our customers through our social media channels, first, just to get a feel for anyone who would be interested in going in on a bulk order. The response was overwhelming. We had people messaging us and asking how they could get in on these bulk orders – stating that they’d wanted to buy multiple cases of multiple types of ammunition.

We finally were able to reach out to several manufacturers and inquire about pricing and getting in on many future bulk orders. Unfortunately for us, we were not a big-box retailer and we did not fit their demographic to deal or distribute on their behalf.

We frantically started searching smaller manufacturers – or even anyone who would listen to us and understand that we’re losing business because we can’t get ahold of even the most simplest types of ammunition. And then, it happened.

We finally found someone who would listen to us. Sadly, they still said no. HOWEVER, what came next was a brilliant stroke of genius. Well, either that or it was the sales rep’s attempt to salvage a sale, but it was put to us like this – “You know, we manufacture for some great companies. And if you were to, say,  private label ammunition. We could fill those orders for you.”

“Private Label” – meaning, create our own BRAND of ammunition.

Boom. (every pun intended)

By creating our own brand of ammunition, we would FINALLY be able to put ammunition into your hands with confidence that you could have the ability to defend your lives and liberties – and those of your families.

The fact that it would be our own brand was just a bonus.

At this point, we jumped at the chance to make this happen. While we did manage to reach out to multiple manufacturers, we kept coming back to this one – for more than one reason alone. Not only did they give us the idea to create our brand, but they were willing to work with us one on one. They even hooked us up with a design company that helped us design our boxes and our brands.

Going into this, we had a fairly good idea about how we wanted our brand to look. But, what the design company came up with was well beyond our simple and linear thinking. As you can see by the many pictures on this page, there was a lot of thought and talent that went into this – and this was all thanks to this one Midwestern American company, who listened to our plight and served up the best way possible to get ammunition out to you, the customers.

By backing this project and pre-ordering your own types of ammunition, at a very competitive price,  mind you, you will be ensuring that we can finally help so many people get a hold of the ammunition that they need.

We will even ship across the continental United States – including our good friends ALASKA (yes, we actually do have good friends there – and yes, we will totally do what we can to help them out).

We are going to be offering the best and most popular types of handgun/pistol ammunition as well as  the best and most popular types of rifle ammunition:

Rifle Calibers

Pistol Caliber

223 REM

380 ACP

300 AAC

9 mm

308 Win

40 S&W

30-06 M1 Garand

45 ACP

30-06 VLD

44 Mag

38 SPL

357 Mag

10 mm

As you’ve probably seen in the video, we actually showed you our test firing of the different types of ammunition – and you saw our satisfaction with its performance.

We are confident that, by backing this project, and pre-ordering your own type(s) of ammunition(s), you will be as satisfied, if not more satisfied at our competitive price and the ability to get you ammunition where there is none, currently.

Even if you don’t want to pre-order your own, you can still back this project to help out the other folks who do need this.

When this project is successfully funded, not only will we be able to deliver great quality ammunition to you at a very competitive price, but we will also be able to continuously order and have plenty on hand for you to get, whenever you need.

We’re going to set up the ability for everyone to jump in on a bulk order on a regular basis. So, with that in mind, we’re ready to get this started.

Please select a reward package, and let’s work together to overcome the lack of ability to protect ourselves.

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