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Our New Digs!

WOW! We got ourselves an actual space!  Well, kind of.  We’re still in the same space, only better!

Our workshop and retail space started off in this little garage.  When I say, little, I mean…exceedingly tiny garage space – and it was a mess.  Now don’t get us wrong.  We aren’t slovenly heathens, or anything.  It’s just that we hadn’t had the time to make sure we could properly utilize the space, and the current time frame consisted of winter’s end, and springs beginning.  AKA – still had snow and crap on the ground, along with cold weather and lots of rain.

HOWEVER, that didn’t stop of from finally getting started.  As you can see in this particular image, the measurements, and stud markings for our updated slatwall panels.

Now, eventually, we cleaned all that messiness, in the back, out.  Some of it got relocated to another spot, reused, trashed or broken down, and eventually – burned in the best set of bonfires, EVER.

So, after we started our venture into the cleaning void, we started getting supplies and things to make our former garage area into our workshop and retail space.  Our first item arrived, not too long ago, and it was HUGE!  It was delivered to a residential area via FREIGHT!  That’s right, A tractor/trailer pulled up to our driveway and unloaded a large pallet, that would later, end up in the back yard, as the base for a very hefty wooden deck.

In that pallet contained four slatwall panels.  Those slatwall panels REALLY helped brighten the place up, and help to legitimize the place, and give it a good commercial feel.  Next, we added a couple shelves, and a really cool rubber flooring, a table, our workbench, and a wall mounted, folding workstation table that houses our laptop/POS system.

Witth that, we started making sure, we had proper room to work, walk, and make sure customers felt comfortable in the new digs.  We even set up some merch displays.  We even have Clorox bleach wipes, and Lysol for those people who are afraid of COVID19!

We are now, better equipped to serve your on demand supply needs.  Whatever you need, we can get it!  Check it out!

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