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Our Apologies…

First, please allow me to apologize greatly.
Our current situation has left us in a bit of a quandary.  Our online sales have been brought to a screeching halt.  While we were ahead, and had met our goals, we’ve been shut down by our credit card processing payment gateway (PayPal).  ALL funds had become no longer transferrable.  Meaning, I would not be able to pay the manufacturer for your pending orders.
I kept the funds in the online account as sort of a safety net – so that I could pay everything all at once.
However, with being shut down, the only choices I had, were let your funds sit for 180 days, and wait for you to dispute the charges, thus further ruining our new reputation – or to immediately refund and cancel all of your orders – until I can find another method of processing these orders.
So, having said that, the ONLY right thing to do was to refund your money.  Many of you have already received an email or notification that your payment was refunded.  If you have not seen it yet, it should show up within the next few days.
This put me in a very terrible position with you, the customer, and our manufacturer – as well as put our credibility on the line.
Until we can get a new credit card processor for our online sales, I cannot fulfill your orders because we do not have the ability to cover them.  And for the stores and locations that were counting on us to help stock their shelves, I do humbly apologize, again.
Please be aware that this hurts us greatly and we hope you can understand our position.
We are severely sorry for any and all inconveniences this has caused.

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