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NEW! Our Own Archery Company??

We know you’re waiting for your ammunition, too. We know.. It’s still on its way – we promise.

Yes, indeed. We are officially creating our very own archery supply company to market all across the US.

To kick this off, we’re starting pre-sales of our FIRST Bow! A 64″ recurve with (competition ready) magnesium riser and laminated, fiberglass limbs – making for a very LIGHTWEIGHT and exceedingly durable bow for hunting, competing, and just having fun.

We sought out a quality manufacturer, in order to bring you a quality product to kick off our line of archery equipment. This time, next year, we hope to have takedown bows, and compound bows to give you more choices!

Pre-Order your Skillful Hill Archery Recurve Bow today, in your desired weight, and you’ll receive a silver Skillful Hill Archery Challenge Coin – a $60 value.

That’s right, a really cool SHA Challenge Coin – featuring the logo on one side, and the Greek goddess, Artemis on the other – with a Latin inscription, “Parate Sagittis Acu” – translating to, “Ready Thy Bow And Arrows”!

This absolute coolness is yours when you pre-order your Skillful Hill Archery Recurve Bow!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time.

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