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Medina Gun Show – Went Out With A Bang!

Yes, every pun intended. Our first time, with a table at the Medina Gun Show went off without a hitch.

We received donations to our favorite organization (which, by the way, we still need more money to reach our goal, please feel free to make a donation!), we sold guns, and we met a lot of GREAT people. Not to mention, we made some great business contacts and potentially created a long lasting sales partnership or two!

All in all, it was really awesome. SO, having said that, we will be doing the Medina Gun Show, again, this summer – and probably again, this fall.

We’re in a good place at the moment. I’d like to thank all the folks that came out and stopped by our table. You really helped make the weekend go by wonderfully.

Private Donations

Public Donations

Thanks again to everyone!

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