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Keep It Going!

We are coming down to the wire!  That’s right.  The pre-order sales for our Brand of Ammunition will be coming to a close in a few short weeks.

After that, the bulk order will be placed, and the ammo will be manufactured just for us!  Got to be honest with you.  We’re extremely excited about this adventure, and the fact that you chose to support us in this endeavor.  This means that, not only will we be able to have our own line of ammunition to help supply you, but we will also have the ability to stock – in store, ammo for everyone who walks in and needs it.

What you have all done, is help make a dream come true.  And quite frankly, this means a lot.  We can’t wait to put this in your hands.

HOWEVER, there is still time to get orders in… So, those of you who’ve already ordered, thanks!  We appreciate it.  But, if you would, please, share the link to the ammo.  Let your friends in on this little secret.  Let’s see if we can’t get the name out there, faster.

Here’s the link – remember to register, first – then add items to your cart.  Only because of that little bug that errors out your cart.  It’s the easiest way:

Thank you, again.  We appreciate you.

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