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It’s that time of year

Well, it’s been an interesting handful of months!

We started in April with nothing, and we’re slowly building to that point where we are just about there – with, well… something.  8 Months in and we’re starting to grow strong.  We’ve become vendors for many companies with a DIVERSE selection of products.  We just haven’t gotten around to posting them yet.  But, I will tell you, we got some COOL products coming down the pipeline.

We can assure you that we will be posting our new products online soon, so you can get a feel for all the awesome we will be selling.  Camping, hiking, backpacking, gadgets, gizmos, and yeah, firearms.  But, also, looking forward, we’re going to be bringing you some awesome content.  In the meantime, if you’re up for some memes, and fun stuff, head on over to our Facebook page, and kick back, and chill.

We will be hitting the scene pretty hard in 2020.  Stay tuned.

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