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Ammunition, Take Two!

Ok, We tried it once with a sub-par manufacturer that couldn’t fulfill our orders, but now, we found a MUCH BETTER and LOCAL manufacturer that can and WILL be able to fulfill our massive orders.

THIS manufacturer is even making defensive rounds!!  That’s right.  I said DEFENSIVE rounds.  Where-as the other one didn’t have the capability.

SO! I’m expecting GREAT things from this manufacturer.

As of right now, Pistol Rounds are up and available for pre-order.  Rifle ammo will be up sometime tomorrow.
Many of our prices are competitive at our introductory pricing.  Some, may or may not be – but, that’s because we’re dealing with the main market, right now.

As you may or may not know, I’m always willing to try and keep our prices lower than the rest.  Sometimes we can do it, sometimes we can’t.  But we sure as hell want to try.


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