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A Lot Has Happened….

Hey guys! Long time no speak!

So, a lot has happened since our last post.  Yeah. A lot.  We called it quits on the ammunition, because the manufacturer was not able to keep up with our demand. We successfully launched Skillful Hill Archery with the arrival of our first bows (The Legacy).  THEN, Mark decided he liked cigars and started launching a cigar brand.  Much to his surprise, it kinda worked.

As of two weeks ago, we secured several (10) AR-15 Rifles from HM Defense Technologies – and are ready to sell them ASAP!  We have 5 Defender M5’s and 5 Guardian F5’s.

We now have some PMC 5.56 ammo, in stock and ready to roll out – as well as Legendary 9mm Re-manufactured ammunition priced to sell.  If you’re even remotely interested in those, please reach out to us for pricing.

Lastly, we may be attending a local gunshow with a table in the near future (June) – contact us for details to stop by and say hi.

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